Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening


You are purchasing (1) $110.00 certificate for a 40-minute Teeth Whitening Treatment for just $55.00! As always, limit one per person, household, or address.

Teeth Whitening is the #1 requested procedure next to hair care. It is safe, effective, and results are amazing.

At your appointment with OLS, they’ll provide a consultation and initial evaluation. You will then proceed with a 40- or a 60-minute session with the latest LED lighting system to accelerate the whitening process.

Do you have existing tooth decay, periodontal disease or gingivitis? Are you pregnant, suspect of being pregnant, or are breast feeding? Please check with your doctor. Are you age 16 with parents’ written permission? Under age 16 is not allowed. Have you had oral surgery or extractions within the last 28 days? Are you wearing any piercings or metal objects on the oral cavity? Please remove. If you have answered YES to any of these questions, OLS may not be able to provide their services.

The first step towards a stunning smile is to schedule an appointment. Please contact the salon today at (603) 224-1177 or schedule your appointment online.

How long will whitening results last? The treatment removes stains from your teeth so technically it lasts forever. Heavy exposure to coffee, smoking, red wine, and some medicines will gradually restain teeth over time. They suggest a 20-minute touch-up once a month to remove new stains.

I currently have spots on my teeth. How will whitening affect them? These spots (usually mineral deposits or stains) usually respond to the whitening process at a different rate than the rest of the tooth. The spots may even seem more prominent after the first few days of whitening. Be patient and although the spots may not disappear entirely, they should become less noticeable. Severe dark spotting may require more than one treatment.

Why do teeth become discolored? There are several causes of tooth discoloration. The most common include: genetics, aging, consuming staining foods and beverages (coffee, tea, sodas, sugary foods), smoking, tetracycline (medicine) staining, and excessive fluoride among others reasons.

How long does treatment take, and how white will my teeth get? Each person who whitens his/her teeth will see improvement. The shade of your teeth will be determined by the amount of time the teeth are exposed to the whitening gel and the mineral composition of your teeth. Teeth Whitening is like a suntan. Some people can notice after the first treatment (a 40-minute session) while others may need 2-3 sessions.

What role does the LED (blue) light play? The LED light aids in breaking down the hydrogen peroxide and helps the solution penetrate the surface of the tooth. A study has shown that the use of the LED light increases the effectiveness of the whitening gel by 36% or more.


Teeth Whitening
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  • Denomination: $110.00
  • How many deals can I purchase? 1
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  • 40-minute Teeth Whitening Treatment.